Cancer Smart New Year

Tis the season for New Year's resolutions! As 2015 approaches, many people will be considering ways to make themselves happier and healthier. Some people have large goals, such as to quit smoking or join a gym. Other people have smaller goals, such as to take a short daily walk, or spend less time watching TV.

This year I discovered that there is a strong chance that breast cancer is genetic in my family. Great grandmother, grandmother, and all 4 sisters on my mothers side had breast cancer. As I head into the New Year, one of my resolutions is to reduce my risk of getting cancer. I can't change my family history, but I can make changes to how I live! Every little bit helps.

The Canadian Cancer Society has a little brochure called "Monthly Tips to Reduce your Risk of Cancer".  The tips are divided into 12 sections, with the idea being to add one small lifestyle change a month. Small changes make success more likely! You can read, or download, this brochure by going to:

You will need to scroll down, until you get to "Monthly Tips to Reduce your Risk of cancer". Then you can choose to read the brochure (click on the title) or download it (it's free!).

Cancer has affected all of our lives. Take a few moments to learn what can reduce your risk!

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