The story of a neigbourhood Zumba class

There is lots of talk about how being more physically active can make us healthier. But many people find it really hard to add more physical activity into their life. As I have travelled around my own community, I have heard many reasons why people are not more active:

• Gyms/classes are too expensive
• No time!
• Don’t know of any classes nearby
• Don’t want to go by myself
• Don’t have proper clothes (ie bathing suit, running shoes)
• Too much else happening in my life
• Fear of looking silly

All those things were true of my neighbours and I! But we were lucky enough to connect with a program called “Y on Wheels” that came and did 6 weeks of Zumba classes literally in my backyard, for free. We had so much fun during those 6 weeks, we looked hard for a way to keep it going. Eventually we got permission from a local church to use their basement to run the Zumba classes from. And we were able to have the instructor come for $5 a person (just pay when you come). To top it all off, there is a play room in the basement, so women can bring their children! As neighbours, we have managed to start a low cost, child friendly, local exercise class, where people laugh and sweat together.

That feels good in many ways!

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