I did it for... Charlee!

Throughout the CASTLE project, we spent a lot of time developing our project messaging “I did it for…”  You’ve likely already noticed the photo banners and videos all over our webpage where community members identified who they “did it for”.  Although different answers were identified with each of the responses, one thing remains the same- most chose people they cared about.  Be it family, friends, grandchildren or communities. 

This got me thinking… what about my dog Charlee? 

Miss Charlee, a sweet 2-year old Yorkiepoo could absolutely be a part of who I did it for!  Dogs are known to love their owners and family members unconditionally, and of course this is true to form with Charlee.  I can say that no matter what happens during my day (good, bad or ugly) Charlee will always run to the door with great enthusiasm to greet me every single time, and of course it always puts a smile on my face.

So knowing this, I think it’s important to get screened not only for yourself, the people in your life- but also think about your pets!  They love you unconditionally and want you around!

I challenge you to think about your pets as someone you would "do it for"! (Please include the name and a picture of your pet).

Photo Caption: Charlee is an advocate of the CASTLE project and shown below sporting her very own CASTLE crown.

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